KCEO is now on Patreon

As the world grapples with the spread, containment and aftermath of COVID-19, our heart goes out to all those dealing with sickness, loss and economic hardship. In Cambodia, too, schools have had shut their doors since early March, with re-openings slated for no earlier than August. More than ever on a shoestring budget, the community of KCEO is in urgent need of our help to allow their schools and teachers to subsist through this time of widespread uncertainty and unprecedented lack of financial stability. Please visit our Patreon page at https://patreon.com/kceo, where you can read much about our pressing funding goals and how your contribution of a few dollars can help make a tremendous difference in the lives of Cambodian youths, rural communities, and their dedicated teachers and administrators. Remember that regardless of your ability to lend a hand financially, sharing this Patreon (and spreading the word of our website) with family and friends can make a huge difference in bringing attention to this important and beautiful cause. Contact us with any questions.

KCEO publishes new video, “A Look into the Khmer Children’s Education Association”

We are very happy to include a new video focusing on the school and, furthermore, hope that the poignancy of its voice and production may be well-communicated in illuminating the sense of basic necessity that we know to be present there.

This video was created in Cambodia by, and thus paints a picture of, the KCEO children’s school: its educators, the students who depend on them, their friends and community members. The subtitles were provided by Cambodian English-learners, in association with World Vision International. It represents a unique opportunity to see what grass-roots educational efforts look like in rural, economically disadvantaged villages in Cambodia.

The KCEO represents a unique undertaking started by one man, Him Marin, and his family, to bring education to their local youth communities, of which many students do not have the option to attend primary school. Some do so as a supplement. It is a pay-what-you-can-afford organization, with many young students thus paying nothing at all. The friends of KCEO comprised of students, faculty, friends and alumni at Marlboro College are doing our best to make their voices, and requests for help, heard.

Here on the website, you’ll find many more resources from which to learn about the cause, its challenges, and how you can become involved in the school’s effort to make the global accessibility of education a reality, beginning with commitment to hope and positive change at the community level.

Welcome to KCEO Online!

Welcome to the Khmer Children’s Educational Organization English language website. We’ve built this site specifically to share the good work that our friends in the rural Cambodian village of Ang are doing. Our intention is to help provide children with educational opportunities. As such, we ask that you please consider the value that a small bit of assistance can provide by making a modest donation and/or sharing this site with others.

The work of KCEO is invaluable to the children and families that it serves. We hope that together, with the help of exposure to the world wide web and beyond, we can bring attention and aid to this inspirational effort of community and knowledge in action.

Have a look around the website, feel free to contact us via the “Get in Touch” tab, and check back for future content!