Support the School


Thank you for your contributions. Please be aware KCEO is not an approved tax-deductible organization in the USA. We are looking into the possibility of becoming one. There are non-profits that offer a service to funnel donations through their 501©3 status permitting donations to be tax deductible. They are provided at a high cost for the service. After recent changes in tax laws, we have been advised not to pay those fees at this time.

Contributing to the future of the school directly impacts the quality of life as well as the educational quality of the children attending this school.

You can also support KCEO through volunteering or interning on a short-term or long-term basis to help teach in the classrooms or assist with pedagogy and curricular development. You can be a volunteer in Cambodia or raise awareness and fundraising while overseas. Our email addresses are:

How you can become involved in helping us meet the goals of our mission?

Below is an overview of the school’s immediate necessities that your support can help meet. You may select an individual project or goal to fund from our itemized list, or simply donate a sum of your specification by clicking the button below. “Sponsorships” for students of staff can be made on a reoccurring or one-time basis.

Please also note that we now have a Patreon account for those who wish to make single contributions or offer monthly support through such a platform. Visit our Patreon page for streams of updates and details surrounding increased need during COVID-19.


 How Far Your Contributed Dollars Can Work:
Your commitment to sponsoring a child or instructor can be a person’s greatest source of hope and support.

One student per month = $10
      per year = $120 to sponsor a child through the Let’s Make it Happen Child Sponsorship Program

One teacher’s honorarium per month = $75
      per year = $900

One administrator’s (director’s) honorarium per month $250
      per year = $3000

Administrative assistant and community outreach organizer honorarium per month $175
      per year = $2,100


School Needs:
(bolded items indicate great, immediate need)

Latrine building and squat toilet $550
Water holding tank for latrine and hand washing system $1500

Student table/bench for six students = $120
Teacher desk & chair = $125
Cement table and 4 benches $100
Purchase a used computer $225
Voltage stabilizer for computer $70

Smartboard and projector for computer classroom.
Sewing machines for sewing classes
2 motorbikes for community outreach workers, who will go into communities to teach parents and motivate community members = $2400 each moto
10 new Computers for increased computer classroom capabilities and computer learning.