Community building community.

Short on opportunities, ordinary Cambodians in Kampong Chhnang Province decided to create the solutions themselves. KCEO is an organization built from the ground up for and by friends, family, and neighbors. What started as a room in one home converted to a village classroom has now become a regional movement. Join us!

What We Do

  • Daily primary and secondary education to supplement underfunded half-day government schools.
  • Providing sole access to classes in English language, Korean Language, typing, and technological literacy, allowing students to access higher education and better employment opportunities.
  • Training teachers and community leaders
  • Community health, hygiene, and agricultural workshops, life-skills classes, and community building events
Khmer Children's Education Organization Online






KCEO schoolhouses serving 17 villages

Students receiving daily education

Students attending for free, the rest on a need-based sliding scale

Share of female students in the student body

One Small Act, One Big Impact

Get involved to fund education for all. One ten dollar contribution sponsors a student for one month of growing and learning at KCEO


Sophem Hem spends his free time mobilizing public service plastic clean ups across Cambodia.

“KCEO is why I want to give back. It’s the hope for all the young kids growing up where I did.”

Sophem Hem

KCEO Alum, Founder Nisset Plastic