Let’s Make It Happen Child Sponsorship Program

Khmer Children's Education Organization Online

“The Cambodian government schools can only teach for a small part of the day with a limited curriculum. It is common that 7th graders cannot read in Khmer at even the most basic level. Parents and students recognize the need for better education. K.C.E.O. provides additional vocational opportunities with life skills by supplementing the government’s curriculum with intensive lessons in Khmer, English, Mathematics, computer skills, and life skills training .” Marin Him

The Khmer Children’s Education Organization (K.C.E.O.) aims to provide youth with opportunities to learn employable skills and improve their chances of pursuing higher education and a career. K.C.E.O. strives to educate children and young adults, regardless of financial ability, in the following subjects: English language, mathematics, Khmer language, computer skills, health, and hygiene. Located in Ang, a rural village, K.C.E.O. is dedicated to maintaining close communication with its community and developing deeper relationships with other organizations with similar or complementary objectives.

Recognizing the financial realities of children their families, and K.C.E.O. Marin Him and his staff have created a child sponsorship program. The goal is to help the children and their families afford the time for the children to attend school and assist K.C.E.O. with administrative expenses to keep the school operational.

We ask people to contribute $120 over the next twelve months. 50% of the funds will help the families by increasing their income with baby animals, seedlings, etc., and, as needed, purchasing a bicycle for transportation to and from school, clothes, and supplies for attending school.

The other 50% of sponsorship funds will assist K.C.E.O. with staff salaries, government ministry fees, electricity, and internet costs.

Families with resources are contributing to operational costs. However, many families cannot afford to donate funds and often cannot afford the time for their children to be away from home attending school, let alone the school supplies and expenses. Giving half the sponsorship funds to the families will assist them in permitting the children to be in school. K.C.E.O. provides programming opportunities to help families increase their income.

Please consider pledging to support one or more children at $120 a year, the equivalent of less than purchasing one cup of coffee a week or $10 per month. The payment can be made at one time or spread throughout the year. K.C.E.O.’s goal is to find 100 sponsorships per year within a few years.

Stories and updates from K.C.E.O. will be shared with the sponsors. However, you would not be paired with particular students or their families to honor their privacy. It is still possible, if desired, for sponsors to build a relationship with the K.C.E.O. community by sharing communications.

Donations can be sent here.