COVID Worsens in Cambodia: An Update from Marin

As of March 2021, Michael writes:
News from Marin is that COVID is spreading once again in Cambodia. The government has shut down all schools in and around Phnom Penh. KCEO is a ways north of there, and so far they’ve been able to remain open. We will have to see what happens. Of course if the virus spreads, KCEO may have to close again. So as always, donations to KCEO are crucial and may be especially important if KCEO has to close once more.

Note that this contrasts strongly with our last update from Fall 2020, via Cathy:

KCEO is open again!!! The Cambodian government has officially allowed both the government schools to reopen as well as small schools such as KCEO. This has been a very difficult time for many folks in Cambodia. The weather has been unusually hot and dry making the physical labor of farming almost impossible. Marin had returned to the fields planting rice and a new crop, sugar cane as his position with World Vision had terminated due to the lack of funding and Covid. Farming has always been necessary to feed his family and secure enough rice for the upcoming year. They have had to pump water from the local river which has increased the expense of his crop. Along with the reopening of school the good news is World Vision has acknowledged Marin’s hard work with a grant to support the teaching of English and Life Skills. Nevertheless your support is greatly appreciated and needed!! Marin remembers each and everyone of you individually so seeing your names and remembering our time together is powerful and cherished. Thank you from all of his family!!!

KCEO is now on Patreon

As the world grapples with the spread, containment and aftermath of COVID-19, our heart goes out to all those dealing with sickness, loss and economic hardship. In Cambodia, too, schools have had shut their doors since early March, with re-openings slated for no earlier than August. More than ever on a shoestring budget, the community of KCEO is in urgent need of our help to allow their schools and teachers to subsist through this time of widespread uncertainty and unprecedented lack of financial stability. Please visit our Patreon page at, where you can read much about our pressing funding goals and how your contribution of a few dollars can help make a tremendous difference in the lives of Cambodian youths, rural communities, and their dedicated teachers and administrators. Remember that regardless of your ability to lend a hand financially, sharing this Patreon (and spreading the word of our website) with family and friends can make a huge difference in bringing attention to this important and beautiful cause. Contact us with any questions.